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A Heavy Breakfast And A Light Dinner Helps To Lose Weight
05-02-2010, 08:38 AM
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A Heavy Breakfast And A Light Dinner Helps To Lose Weight
The issue of weight loss and weight gain is now one of the most popular issues in the major clinical laborites of the modern world. Most of the professionals are now fascinated to know the new things about weight loss and weight gain. There are a lot of different diet programs that can be implemented to get best results when it comes to reducing or gaining weight. Weight loss or weight gain is all a game of calories which any food contains and therefore most of the diet plans focus on calories. The diet professionals work hard to prepare the diet plans combining the foods and fruits in correct quantity to ensure health.

Whatever the diet plan you are following, the main thing is to keep yourself away from over eating and follow some pretty simple rules like eat slowly, never skip breakfast and take proper sleep etc to remain in shape. You must have heard that one should take the breakfast like a king, lunch as a queen and dinner as a peasant. The idea behind taking heavy breakfast and light dinner is that when it is the start of your day, you need energy to perform tasks throughout the day whereas, in night you don’t need to work much, therefore a light dinner would be enough. Moreover as you have to sleep in night and giving proper time to the food to digest before you go to sleep is very important when it comes to losing weight, therefore eating lesser in the night is recommended. If anything left undigested then it will be stored in your body in the form of fats causing weight gain.

Some people don’t find time to eat breakfast and thus they end up skipping it. Remember, to start your day with a good food provides you energy for the whole day long. It’s better to wake up 10 minutes early than to face a sluggish day because if you don’t eat your breakfast, your metabolism will not get boosted and thus you will be inactive.
Some of the healthy breakfast and dinner ideas are given below:


Fresh fruit Salad: Take any fruit of your choice, add a bit of lemon on it and enjoy. You can go for apples, bananas, melon, pear, grapes etc.

Cheese and fruit: Go for low-fat cheese and add fruit to it. You can add apples, bananas, berries or any fruit you love in combination with cheese.
Yogurt, berries and cereal: Take low-fat yogurt and mix berries and some healthy cereal with it (Kashi Golean Crunch, for example). Avoid sugary cereals.

Milk Shakes: Go for the shake of the fruit you love.

Dinner: Go for light dinner like:

Salads: You can go for any veggies you like eating raw for example onion, carrot, lettuce, bell peppers or tomatoes. Avoid rich dressings.

Soups: Water based soups are good to opt for rather than cheese or cream soups.

Fruits: Watery fruits are good for dinner as they give you a full feeling. You can go for bananas, mangoes or apples too. Mix fruits can also work.
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